Need drawings of your existing space?

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Design Development

We can take you through the process of Design Developing your project.

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Construction Documents

We can complete the necessary drawings required for obtaining your Building Permit.

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Types of Projects

Our projects range from modest kitchen renovations to high-end new homes, placing an equal emphasis on style, function, health and poetics, woven together with the thread of ecological design, and mindful of long term cost.

We are intrigued by multigenerational houses, backyard cottages, co-housing, townhouses and multi-family projects.

We can bring the Passivhaus approach to any of these building types. With roots in Bridgeport, we are uniquely qualified to help you achieve your project goal unique to the area.


Next Steps...

Our job is to turn your ideas and aspirations into imaginative, workable solutions – and it’s what we love to do. When you contact us, we will run through a “reality check” with you on the phone to make sure the budget you have in mind will cover the work you’d like to do. If that conversation is positive, we arrange to meet to discuss what you would like to achieve both now and long term. We’ll walk around your building or site, talk about your ideas, offer some of our own, and see if there’s a good fit between our skills and your needs.